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The Organization

CFDA was formed in February 1990 by a group of professionals in social work having a desire to see the marginalized assuming and playing a significant role in the development process. A team of fourteen members, of which six form the executive committee, govern the organization. It was registered as a Society in April 1991 and as a charity under Income Tax Act. It was also registered with the Govt.of.India, Ministry of Home Affairs under FCRA.

The Mission

‘Facilitating’ the development process benefiting the marginalized by providing capacity building inputs and supportive services.

The Vision

‘Creating alternative institutions for the empowerment of women’ is the vision.

Key Activities

·         Training Programmes

CFDA’S training programmes broadly address: Staff capacity Building, Practical and professional in-site for fresher and or Training for Organisational Development for NGOs.


·         Consultancy Services

The need based consultancy services offered include community needs assessments, project design, staff capacity building, strategy designs, performance and process review systems, impact assessments and documentation expertise.


·         Projects initiatives

Project initiatives are undertaken to mobilize local communities and to create local institutions to combat poverty. CFDA has so far successfully completed three initiatives: Micro Banks for Women and Empowerment of Elder Women in Citlapakkam Block of Kanchipuram District and the third, Life beyond Relief in Kodiyampalayam and Koozhayar villages of Nagapattinam District.


The first initiative, Micro Banks for Women was launched in December, 1995 and taken over by the Community in April, 2000 has been addressing the credit needs of women from low income groups. It is the first community owned and led Micro credit Initiative in the district. More than 1500 households benefits by this intervention.


The Second, Empowerment of Elder Women was initiated in June 2002 and managed by the Elderly since April 2005, is addressing their health and care with the active cooperation of community along with local institutions.

The recent, Life beyond Relief was launched in March, 2005 is an attempt to strengthen the Community Based Organisations in Tsunami affected Villages of Nagapattinam District.


Project Partners


·         DFID,London through Commonwealth Human Ecology Council, London

·         GTZ,NewDelhi

·         CORDAID, Netherlands

·         SOMNEED, India

Training and Consultancy Services

CFDA has been extending its expertise and services(CSR needs assessments, pre-funding assessments, mid and end term reviews, community mobilization and community institution building, process and impact documentation) to reputed and renowned NGOs, training institutions, corporate organizations, consultancy and Government organizations as a means of enriching its credibility and to raise its earned income. Some of the prestigious organizations with whom CFDA has been associated include:

  • Centre for Welfare of the Aged  [CEWA], FICCI, South India Producer Association, Srinivasan Services Trust [SST] an offshoot of  TVS Sundaram Clayton Ltd, TVS Electronics Limited, Women Development Corporation [WDC] , Centre for Excellence in Organization Pvt.Ltd; all in Chennai.
  • Nature Medicare and Charitable Trust [NMCT], Karl Kubel Institute for Development Education [KKID] TamilNadu Forest Academy and Southern Forest Rangers College [SRFC] all in Coimbatore.
  • Sampark and INHAF-Dhakshin in Bangalore.
  • Society for Operation Minimum Needs [SOMNEED] in Visakhapatnam, India and Takayama, Japan.
  • Tirumalai Charities Trust [TCT], Peoples organization for Education and Training [POETS] in Vellore District.
  • The Energy Resource Institute [TERI] in Bombay.
  • The Social Forestry Division of Forest Department of Karnataka Government, Bangalore.



CFDA believes in networking of organizations to maximize the learning and results and has been member of the following International networks:,,,,, and


Training Programmes

CFDA’S training programmes broadly address:

  • Community needs assessment
  • Staff capacity Building
  • Practical and professional in-site  for fresher
  • Training for Organisational Development
  • Training for Self-help initiatives like SHG, Micro finance and livelihoods.


The training programmes are offered after a field assessment. They are designed and conducted either as a stand alone or a series of programmes depending on the needs of the clients.


Future Plan

We have recently developed a project for the socio-economic empowerment of the under-served population in TamilNadu. The title of the project is ''EMPOWERMENT OF UNDER PRIVILEGED WOMEN''. We seek support for this project. Kindly visit,